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Private Suzhou Tour with Tiger Hill, Cruise in ...
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This is a tour that you can get an indepth experience in Suzhou.Tiger Hill and Lingering Garden can give you a very good view about Classical Garden. Walking in the Shantang Street and visit Chang Gate can show you the “old suzhou style”. Bonsai experience gives you not only the knowledge of gardening but also a joy of making bonsai. Except the local food, you can also have a chance to get a vegetarian food which is very heathy. In the end, you can go visit the Jinji lake and take a cruise. Learn about the city, and get out to explore the best parts on your own.1.Visit the famous Tiger Hill and see the famous leaning tower.2.Have a Bonsai lesson and learn to make a bonsai yourself.3.Have a visit to the Lingering Garden to touch the classical beauty.4.Wander in Shantang Street and visit the ancient Chang Gate.5.Dinner(Vegetarian and Speciality cuisine options are available).6.Walk around the Moonlight Harbor, Take a cruise and enjoy the scenery of Jinji Lake

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