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Back of Bike tour With Discovering Local Food a...
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If you are looking for a unique culinary journey in Hoi An, enjoying the real experience of local people, you should not miss out on our Back of the bike tour with tasting food and discovering local life. You ride on the back of a motorbike go around with us just as locals do! We will go off the beaten track and take you to vendors selling the absolute best street food in all of Hoi An. Our food trail involves stopping at several different food vendors known only to local people. Your stomach will be delighted with the delicious authentic food and your mind will swell with the beauty of local life and culture. The members in our team are local Vietnamese who know the city like no one else and are enthusiastic and passionate to show off their city. They love to share many interesting stories which they have learned from their parents and grandparents. Our guides will pick you up and drop you off for all tours. All prices are inclusive of all stops, food, and drinks.

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