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Shimla: Street Food Crawl (2 Hours Guided Food ...
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"We don't want to spill the beans and kill the excitement, so come on this walking tour and explore the best of the food in Shimla (unknown to major tourists) that you would easily miss if you are exploring the city on our own. 1. Stroll the lanes with oldest food shop of the city, taste variety of local delicasies like hot dogs or spring rolls, slush at café that smells of old world charm and chat itmes like fruit chat, chole bhature, gol gappe etc.2. Taste the Honey Masala Idli combination of south Indian & Thai dish served with honey; as well kurkeys, the traditional Tibetan dish.3. Witness the preparation some delicacies that even through did not originate from Shimla but still are a part of its rich cuisine for centuries.4. End the walk with siping a cup of tea of coffee with unmatched views of Shimla, admire its beauty while doing what people like doing – eat."

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